Office hours number (011) 086-0700


Can I hire your staff directly?

No, and this is a major problem in our industry. Our service agreement states that you agree not to hire any past or present Rent a Gardener (Pty) Ltd, Incorporating Rent a Domestic employee, other than through our office for a period of not less than 12 months from the date that employee last worked for Rent a Gardener (Pty) Ltd, Incorporating Rent a Domestic, for any purpose whatsoever. In the event that you feel that you must hire this person, our referral fee to you is 15% of his/her annual salary and is due in full immediately upon employment or use of the employee/past employee, regardless if the employment is on a regular employment basis or on a contract basis with us.

How many people do you send to my garden, home or office?

Normally 1 dedicated staff member if you choose our managed placement option. If you choose the fully equipped mobile team option, we send a team of between 4 to 6 uniformed staff members, including a supervisor to clean your garden, pool, home or office. Each staff member checks on the other's work and the team stays until all members of the team are satisfied that the job has been completed to standard. Barring illness, vacations and unforeseen circumstances, the same staff member or team members will clean your garden, pool, home or office each time.

Are you insured?


Are your employees covered by Workman's Compensation Insurance?


How do you monitor quality?

Each member of the team checks the other team-members' work and then signs off on the service check list, including the team supervisor. Periodically, spot-checks are conducted by our area manager or management team, however, we can make unscheduled or unannounced entry to your property without your prior consent to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

What type of training do your workers receive?

Our gardeners has to attend a 2 day gardener worker training course presented by Lifestyle College and accredited by UNISA. Our domestics, child minders and nannies are provided with a 4 day in house training course as well as ongoing and constant training in cleaning techniques; use of different cleaning products; proper use and maintenance of cleaning equipment; use of alarm systems; workplace safety; organizational and time management skills; knowledge of our company's policies and procedures; communication skills with clients, suppliers, co-workers and pets.

Do I need to be home?

Most of our customers are not home or at the office when we clean their gardens, pools, homes or offices. We keep detailed information about each client's property regarding pets, access and alarm codes as well as any special instructions. If you prefer to be home, we will schedule a time that is mutually convenient.

How will you get into my property if I am not there?

You can give us a key, remote control, hide a key, give us the code if you have a keypad outside or, make sure that someone is home or at the office when we arrive for the service.

If I give you a key, how will it be protected?

All keys are marked for identification with a code (no address or customer name is used) and locked in a safe when not issued to the cleaning supervisor for the day of your cleaning. Only our top management staff has access to the safe.

What about pets?

Most of our clients have pets of some kind. Pets are no problem, but we do need to know if you have pets. Large and/or aggressive pets will need to be secured so that we can clean your garden, pool, home or office. If your pet does not mind sharing their space for the cleaning to be done, we will gladly work around them.

Is there anything I need to do before the cleaning?

Yes, please. In order for us to provide a quality service we ask that you please pick up all clutter and secure any cash, jewellery and other small valuables before the service.

What if something is missed or not cleaned properly?

Simply call our office on (010) 005-5420 right away and we will have one of our staff members and supervisors return to your property within 24 hours to correct anything that needs attention. We answer our phones from 8:00am until 17:00pm Monday to Friday. You can also email us on and we will action the return service as soon as possible.

How is payment handled?

The safest method is through our debit order system. We also accept Visa, Master, Debit card, and EFT payments. A receipt will be left for any cash payment.

What time will you be cleaning my property?

Once a service date is agreed upon, your day is scheduled on our cleaning schedule system. Normal cleaning hours are 09:00am to 16:00pm and we would prefer to have the flexibility to arrive and depart between these hours.

Who provides the supplies and equipment?

If you employ a managed staff member, you have to supply everything. If you employ our fully equipped mobile teams we will provide all the cleaning supplies and "tools of our trade." We never use industrial strength chemicals or cleaning solutions to clean your property.

What about "special requests?"

We welcome special requests! Please communicate any additional chores or services or cleaning procedures you desire directly to our office and not to our staff on (010) 005-5420. Every effort will be made to accommodate your requests. Failing to communicate through the office will automatically indemnify the company and staff member of any claims due to misunderstandings.

Does your fully equipped mobile teams offer carpet, gutter and/or window cleaning?

Yes, but for an additional fee.

What don't you do?

Anything not listed in our service agreement.

How do I get regular service started?

Simply complete a "Request your service here" form on our website and we will contact you for a site visit and/or quotation.

Will the price always be the same?

For regular cleaning clients, once set, the fee will be the same each time we clean. Our annual increases come into effect in September of each year.

Do I have to sign a contract/service agreement for a service?

Yes, there are terms and conditions you need to accept before we can commence with our service!

What is the availability of your services?

We constantly evaluate supply and demand for our services from our existing and new clients. We have, over the past 07 years, identified months, days and times of when our services are likely to be in demand and have made provision for this. We constantly train and recruit new staff members to be ready whenever the demand or possibility is there them to be employed.

What if I want to cancel a scheduled service?

No problem. All we ask from you is that you contact us at least 07 days prior to your scheduled service day to cancel or change it. Cancellations with less than 07 days notice are subject to a full service fee being levied. Please keep in mind that each day's services are scheduled in advance and cancellation may mean your managed staff member or mobile team may not have a full day or week’s work which affects their salaries.

What if my regular cleaning day falls on a public holiday?

We do not work on any Public holiday. If your service day falls on a public holiday, your service will be postponed until the next scheduled service day. You will however never miss 2 consecutive services unless one or both of these days were public holidays, i.e. Christmas day and New Year's day fall on the same day, 7 days apart.

How do I provide feedback on my cleaning experience?

If you find that anything was missed or not cleaned properly, just call our office on (010) 005-5420 right away and we will have one of our staff members or teams and supervisor return to your property within 24 hours to correct anything that needs attention.

Should I tip the staff member or mobile team for a job well done?

Tipping is neither required nor expected. Please be advised that an occasional note to the staff member or team when they have really impress you will mean a lot more than money.