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Fully equipped mobile team

Fully equipped mobile teams

Q - Is your lifestyle so hectic you can’t find the time to clean your garden, house, pool, jacuzzi or office?

Q - Are you moving in need your new garden, house, pool, jacuzzi or office looking and feeling fresh and new? 

Q - Are you moving out and would like to leave your garden, house, pool, jacuzzi or office neat and tidy?

Q - Are you an estate agent or letting agent that requires apartments cleaned before new tenants take occupancy?

Rent a Gardener (Pty)Ltd, incorporating Rent a Domestic will deal with all your requirements in a professional and efficient manner. We use professional chemicals and equipment and employ permanent staff that we contract out to you, either individually or in a fully equipped team. We take care of their UIF, annual leave, sick leave and any other labour related issue.

Although we customize cleaning to your specific house or office needs, our cleaning staff follows a check list while cleaning your home/office. This helps ensure that we keep cleaning's efficient and consistent each and every time.

We offer two types of services. You have to choose which option best suits your cleaning requirements.

1. A single staff member on a daily or on pre-arranged days of the week.
2. A fully equipped team on a daily basis or dedicated days of the week.

We have the following fully equipped teams available on contract or once off cleaning basis:-